Affiliate Terms

Welcome to the G3 Affiliate Program!

Thank you for your interest in joining the G3 Affiliate Program. This document outlines the terms and conditions (the "Terms") that govern your participation as an Affiliate. By joining the Program, you commit to adhering to these guidelines and fostering a fruitful partnership with us.

Affiliate Registration

  1. We reserve the sole right to accept or decline any Affiliate Program application. Our decision is based on criteria designed to ensure alignment with our brand values and operational capabilities.
  2. Affiliate Tools: Links and Coupons
  3. Use your unique Affiliate Code to ensure sales are accurately attributed to your account.
  4. Transactions are processed and monitored through Stripe. You may request detailed information about your Affiliate transactions at any time.

Earnings and Payments

  1. Earning Commissions: Commissions are awarded for referrals that result in sales, calculated based on the transaction value, excluding payment fees, taxes, and shipping costs. For subscription-based products, commissions are only earned on the initial purchase.
  2. Payment Schedule: Commission payments are processed monthly, between the 15th and 20th. Detailed transaction information is provided with each payout.
  3. Refunds and Chargebacks: Only completed sales are eligible for commission. Orders that are refunded or charged back are not commissionable.
  4. Affiliates must provide bank details for commission payments. Your personal information will be securely stored and used solely for payment purposes.

Promotional Activities

  1. Affiliates are encouraged to use both online and offline channels for promotion, including social media platforms and print media.
  2. Restricted Promotions: The promotion of our products during political events (such as campaigns, rallies, and demonstrations) is prohibited. The Company retains discretion in honoring referrals resulting from such promotions.
  3. Marketing Materials: On request, we will supply digital and physical promotional materials. These are licensed for marketing purposes, with all rights retained by the Company.
  4. Compliance with Laws: Affiliates must comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and respect user privacy in their promotional activities.
  5. Proprietary and behind-the-paywall information provided by the Company should only be used in accordance with the Affiliate Program and not disclosed elsewhere.
  1. Our system uses cookies to track customer referrals from Affiliate links.
  2. Cookie Duration: The tracking cookie is valid for 14 days, allowing for commissions on purchases made by the customer during this period without the need for repeated link clicks.

Program Participation

  1. Affiliates wishing to exit the program may do so by contacting
  2. The Company reserves the right to terminate an Affiliate partnership at its sole discretion.

Additional Notes

These Terms apply specifically to referrals for our retail service, G3Strat. We also offer a separate commission structure for institutional referrals to G3Strat. For details, please contact us at

Policy Updates

We reserve the right to update these Terms as necessary to reflect changes in our operational, legal, or regulatory environment. Continued participation in the Program signifies acceptance of the revised Terms.

Let's Succeed Together

Thank you for joining our Affiliate Program. We look forward to growing together!

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